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why most people come to an izakaya – to drink, soak up the atmosphere + and enj-oi time with friends. with a strong focus on japanese, some local, the one theme is we love everything we serve. check out the “oi” symbol for our recommended and most popular drinks

beer ビール

on tap 生ビール

sapporo (375ml) – 12
heads of noosa japanese lager (375ml) – 12
heads of noosa japanese black lager (375ml) – 12
precinct pacific ale (375ml) – 11

tins & bottles ビン & 缶ビール

great northern zero (375ml) – 8
better beer middy (355ml) – 8
kirin ichiban (330ml) – 12
precinct ginger beer (330ml) – 11
thatchers medium dry apple cider (440ml) – 13
yebisu premium all malt (350ml) – 12
suntory -196 double lemon (350ml) – 13

pals vodka, red peach, yuzu + soda (330ml) – 14
orion premium draft (500ml) – 15
sapporo black (650ml) – 17

non-alcoholic ノンアルコール

silly rabbit – cranberry juice l lime cordial l lychee syrup  – 12


soft drinks

ramune (japanese lemonade) – 5
yuzu soda, ginger beer, lemonade, ginger ale, coke, coke zero – 5



pineapple, apple, orange or cranberry juice – 4


hot drinks

sencha green tea – 5

spirits お酒


vodka ウォッカ

white light – 9
haku vodka – 10
grey goose – 12
nikka coffey vodka – 13

japanese gin 日本のジン

roku gin – 11
jinzu – 15

nikka coffey – 13
wa bi – 13
ki no bi kyoto – 14

gin ジン

triple g – 9
bombay dry – 10

hendricks -10
ink – 12
four pillars rare dry – 14
four pillars bloody shiraz – 14


tequila & mezcal テキーラそしてメスカル

rooster rojo blanco – 9
rooster rojo reposado – 12
1800 coconut – 11
illegal mezcal joven – 14

rum ラム

bacardi carta blanca – 9
matusalem solera 7 year – 11
goslings black seal – 11
sailor jerry’s spiced – 9

brandy ブランデー

sullivans cove double cask tasmanian – 17

house cocktails カクテル

house cocktails (**classics available on request)


deadly viper assassination squad – 22
reposado tequila l home made grapefruit l sherbet l aperol l green tea umeshu

that woman deserves her revenge – 23
lemongrass infused gin l lychee liqueur l strawberry-hibiscus reduction l red bitters l yuzu citrus liqueur

miserable old fool – 21
whisky l umesky l brown sugar sesame syrup l old fashioned aromatic bitters

tokyo southside – 21
gin l italicus l fresh lemon juice l chamomile syrup l mint leaves l cucmber 

wasabi martini – 21
vodka l nakano bc yuzu umeshu l fresh mango pure l wasabi

passionfruit coconut margarita – 23
blanco tequila l passionfruit l coconut l lime l kunizakara nigori umeshu

spice girl – 21
reposado tequila l umeshu l  spicy agave syrup


house highballs 

roku rollu – 14
roku gin l home made ginger syrup l bitters l yuzu soda

classicu – 14
whisky l soda l lemon

i can shochu the world – 14
shochu l maraschino liqueur l home made citrus cordial l bitters

oi haibōru – 15
whisky l home made orange sherbet l fresh citrus l soda

wine ワイン

white 白ワイン

fattori pinot grigio
glass 13 l bottle 60
veneto, it – light body, dry style with hints of apple, citrus + earthy notes

the pass sauvignon blanc
glass 12.5 l bottle 58
marlborough, nz – vibrant acidity, crushed herbs, passionfruit and lime

kumeu river village chardonnay
glass 14 l bottle 62
kumea, nz – lots of stone fruit character with rich, nutty overtones with a dry finish

voyager estate chardonnay
bottle only 90
margaret river, wa – initial burst of citrus complemented by fine oak + a clean mineral edge

vavasour pinot gris 
glass 12 l bottle 54
marlborough, nz – layers of crisp fruit, hints of ginger and a long mineral finish

kalleske florentine chenin blanc
glass 13 l bottle 57
barossa valley, sa – crisp, light body with notes of snow peas and lemon


red 赤ワイン

spring vale melrose pinot noir
glass 12.5 l bottle 55
cranbrook, tas – strawberry jam + violets on the nose, flavours of wild berries + summer fruits

amisfield pinot noir
bottle only 125
central otago, nz – bright vibrant acidity, plum, dark berry + cherry notes flattered by spicy oak

in praise of shadows akira grenache
bottle only 120
mclaren vale, sa – elevated aromatics, full flavour + fine bodied tannin

pirathon shiraz
glass 12.5 l bottle 55
barossa valley, sa – dark plum, blackberries and licorice notes supported by oak

kalleske clarry’s gsm
glass 11.5 l bottle 52.5
barossa valley, sa – spice, cinnamon, red berries and chocolate

2019 alma mora malbec
glass 11 l bottle 51
san juan, argentina – full bodied red with plums, ripe berry notes + a delicate touch of vanilla


rose ローズ

2018 chateau de l’escarelle palm rose
glass 14 l bottle 62
provence, france – dry + crisp. peach, citrus, and strawberry 

sherrah grenache rose
glass 11.5 l bottle 55
mclaren vale, sa – aromatic, dry + delicate


sparkling 白ワイン

ca di alte prosecco
glass 13 l bottle 60
veneto, it – dry notes of williams pear + subtle hints of lemon sherbet. fresh + soft



sake 日本酒

houraisen wa junmai ginjo
27 (100ml) l 50 (200ml)
apricot + peach, refreshing acidity + soft sweetness
enjoy cold

dassai 45 daiginjo
20 (100ml) l 38 (200ml)
strawberry, pear, apple and notes of umami. a sweet sake
best cold

amanoto junmai daiginjo
42 (100ml) l 77 (200ml)
a rare sake made from a revered sake rice – komachi. fragrant + floral nose. ammanato means ‘heavens door’
best cold

tengumai junmai daiginjo 50
22 (100ml) l 41 (200ml)
lime, green apple + mushroom. hints of peach + nectarine
best cold

ippin junmai daiginjo
15 (100ml) l 28 (200ml)
a more floral sake with notes of pear
and steamed rice. clean finish. double gold winner at san francisco international wine competition
enjoy warm or cold

fukuju junmai
27 (100ml) l 50 (200ml) steamed rice, acid + apricots. clean + dry finish. a sweet sake
enjoy cold

yoshinagawa echigo ginjo
17 (100ml) l 32 (200ml) dry with a smooth finish. notes of citrus + banana mixed with savoury elements 
best cold

shichida junmai
22 (100ml) l 40 (200ml)
crisp acidity with a hint of spice + citrus characters
enjoy warm or cold

kubota hyakuju tokubetsu
16 (100ml) l 30 (200ml)
a drier sake with notes of aniseed and tart apple
enjoy warm or cold

tsukinokatsura iwai 80 junmai
33 (100ml) l 62 (200ml)
made from low polished rice (only 20% of hust removed). cream texture with full body + layers of umami. our driest sake
enjoy warm or cold

ozeki one cup
18 (180ml)
a japanese classic. a sealed cuip of sake to enj-oi solo or share. slightly dry but well balanced flavour + clean finish
enjoy warm or cold

tengumai yamahai jikomi
19 (100ml) l 35 (200ml)
umami and mushroom
recommended warm

mio sparkling sake
30 (300ml bottle)
nada, japan – a light (5%) sparkling sake made purely from rice. very sweet, fruity, refreshing

dewazakura saku sparkling junmai
35 (250ml bottle)
tendo, japan – limited production sake with hints of herb + a delicate dry finish


umeshu (‘plum wine’) 梅酒

60ml serve on ice, unless otherwise requested

choya classic – 13
classic japanese umeshu, medium bodied, medium sweet

nakano bc yuzu umeshu – 11
yuzu infused umeshu

hombo shuzu joto chiran-cha – 12
green tea infused umeshu

kunizakari nigori umeshu – 14
unfiltered umeshu with ume fruit pulp extracts remaining in the body of the drink

yoshinagawa gensen – 12
a relatively tarte + more crisp umeshu

umesky – 15
blend of whisky + umeshu

yoshinagawa yuzushu – 14
blend of yuzu + gingo sake. sweet + refreshing

shochu 諸チュ

a japanese distilled spirit approx. 30% abv. made from fermented vegetables or grain. 60ml served on ice, unless otherwise requested

koyomi – barley – 10

kaido imo – sweet potato – 13

takara towari – buckwheat – 13

tasting flights

gin - 37
half measures (15mls) of each gin below
wa bi

shochu - 25
half measures (30mls) of each shochu below
koyomi - barley
kaido imo - sweet potato
takara towari - buckwheat

umeshu - 26
half measures (30mls) of each shochu below
choya classic
nakano bc yuzu umeshu
hombo shuzu joto chiran-cha

sake - 28
50mls of each sake below
tengumai yamahai jikomi
yoshinagawa echigo ginjo
dassai 45 daiginjo


japanese rice wine, typically 14-18% abv, naturally pairs great with almost all of our dishes. our menu is listed from dryer to sweeter sakes

Oi Izakaya-50
Made with reposado tequila, umeshu + our home made spicy agave syrup


our inventive cocktail menu is something our customers generally rave about, and rarely stop at just one. our highballs are twists on a japanese classic that has to be tried at least once, whether here or in japan


a focus on australian and nz wines, with some italian and french on offer too, we love our wines and our tight but heavy hitting wine list

Wine – Japanese Izakaya Bar Gold Coast
Oi Izakaya_2.6-40

on tap

we adore every beer we have on tap, from japanese classics to local offerings, we try to keep it fresh and beer icy cold





what’s happening

oi izakaya - fine casual nihonese dining with a pinch of aussie cheek, two cups of winging it, a full large wine glass of class, a bucketful o’ fun, a shitzu-load of tradition, three oz of pure wizardry and a twist of sekuchi, always served in great company enj-oi!

NYE laneway lock-in

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