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Our Food

no-nonsense tasty food in a great location, with good people and good vibes. a mix of traditional and modern, all designed to share and all maximum oishī (delicious)


(v) – vegan
(ve) – vegetarian
(gf) – gluten free
(d) – contains dairy
extra sauces or wasabi – 1

otsumami – small dishes おつまみ

miso soup (gf) – 4

seaweed salad (v)(gf) – 4

ponzu cucumber (v)(gf) – 6

lotus root fries (ve)(gf) – 7.5

edamame plain (v)(gf) – 6

edamame spicy (v)(gf) – 7

edamame cheese chips (ve)(gf)(d) – 8

teriyaki tofu (4pcs)(v)(gf) – 14.5

miso eggplant (v)(gf) – 15

karaage mushroom (v)(gf) – 14
6-8 pcs l mixed salad l lemon wedge l mayo

karaage chicken (gf) – 16.5
|4-6 pcs l mixed salad l lemon wedge l mayo

mixed vegetable tempura (v) – 12

prawn + calamari tempura – 15
mixed salad leaves l lemon wedge l mayo

crispy pork kakuni (gf) – 20.5
slow cooked soy braised pork belly (5 – 6 pcs) l reduced teriyaki sauce l herb salad

tuna tataki (gf) – 23
sesame crusted tuna (10 slices) l
wasabi mayo l ginger miso paste l
snow pea l lemon wedge

wagyu beef tataki (gf) – 17
wagyu beef (7 slices) l ponzu dressingl onion

ceviche – 15.5
diced seafood l coriander l mango l
red onion l ginger l cucumber l chilli l flying fish roe l fried gyoza skins (to dip)

bao バオ

karaage chicken – 9
w/ tomato l cucumber l coleslaw l sriracha mayo

soft shell crab – 15
w/ tomato l cucumber l
mixed salad leaves l wasabi mayo

karaage mushroom (ve) – 8
w/ tomato l cucumber l coleslaw l wasabi mayo

crispy pork belly – 10.5
w/ tomato l cucumber l teriyaki sauce l pickled veg l mixed herbs l crispy garlic

gyoza ギョウザ (5 pcs)

vegetarian (v) – 11
(carrot l cabbage l sweetcorn)

pork – 11.5 / (gf) – 13
(pork l cabbage l shallots)

prawn – 14
(prawn l cabbage l shallots)

omakase (banquet) おまかせ

our chef’s selection feast 49pp or 69pp
min 2 ppl + whole table must dine on the same banquet

$49 omakase

  • miso soup + edamame
  • kingfish carpaccio
  • gyoza (3 pcs/pp)
  • karaage chicken (3 pcs/pp)
  • okonomiyaki (1 to share per 2 ppl)
  • ice cream scoop each

$49 vegan / veg omakase

  • miso soup + edamame
  • teriyaki tofu
  • veg gyoza (3 pcs/pp)
  • karaage mushroom (3 pcs/pp)
  • vegetarian or vegan okonomiyaki (1 to share per 2 ppl)
  • sorbet or ice cream scoop each

$69 omakase

  • miso + edamame
  • sashimi (3 slices/pp)
  • mixed tataki (4 slices/pp)
  • mixed tempura (4 pcs/pp)
  • salmurai / geisha / soft-shell crab uramaki sushi roll (1 roll/2ppl)
  • okonomiyaki (1 to share per 2 ppl) **12.5pp upgrade to wagyu steak (not available for groups over 6)
  • banana tempura (1 serve/2ppl)
kids' menu キッズメニュー

$12 kids’ menu

  • karaage mushroom or chicken (3pcs)
  • gyoza (3pcs – pork, prawn or veggie)
  • onigiri avocado or salmon (+$2)
  • edamame cheese chips

kids’ yakisoba

  • seafood yakisoba – $12
  • veggie yakisoba – $9
okonomiyaki お好み焼き

our signature dish. originates from osaka + hiroshima where they developed different styles of making the same dish. often called a “japanese pancake” outside of japan

made with: green cabbage l free range egg l tenkasu l in-house batter

on top: mayo l okonomiyaki sauce l bonito flakes (shallots to replace for vego) l red pickled ginger l seaweed flakes

pork – 19

beef – 19

seafood – 21
(prawn + calamari)

vegetarian – 18
(mushroom + zucchini)

yakisoba 焼きそば

a warm soba noodle dish

made with: green cabbage l carrot l bean sprouts l

yakisoba sauce l mirin l dashi l tenkasu 

on top: mayo l bonito flakes (shallots to replace for vego) l red pickled ginger l seaweed flakes

pork – 19

beef – 19

seafood – 21
(prawn + calamari)

vegetarian – 18
(mushroom + zucchini)

sushiiiii 寿司

uramaki 裏巻

salmurai (6pcs)(gf)(d)– 21|
inside: salmon l avocado l mayo
outside: salmon l mayo l teriyaki sauce l flying fish roe l shallots

geisha (6pcs) – 23
inside: tuna l cucumber l sriracha mayo | snow pea sprouts
outside: tuna l sriracha mayo l chilli infused tempura flakes l shallots l chilli threads

soft-shell crab (6pcs)(gf) – 23
inside: soft-shell crab l mixed salad l wasabi mayo
outside: flying fish roe l wasabi mayo l nori l crushed wasabi peas

vegan (6pcs) (v) – 21
inside: mixed mushrooms slow-cooked in ponzu + garlic
outside: panko breadcrumb l crispy kale l roast sesame dressing


nigiri 握り (4 pcs)

wagyu beef (gf) – 13.5

tuna (gf) – 13.5

salmon (gf) – 11

kakiage (v) – 10

sashimi 刺身

salmon l kingfish l tuna

6 slices – 19

12 slices – 36

24 slices – 70

small dishes (“otsumami”)

izakayas are all about snacking on small dishes – our “otsumami” dishes. grab a couple that sound good and share with your dining partners before deciding what to have next, or just grab one to go along with a beer (or two)

Gyoza – Japanese Restaurant Gold Coast
Geisha Roll 4 (1)


when we opened we didn’t even offer traditional japanese sushi – now it’s probably the most popular section on the menu and we’ve even built a dedicated sushi counter to keep up

刺身 baos

not a traditional japanese item, our baos were developed during the 2020 QLD lockdown as a take-away item and have been too popular to take of the menu since. enj-oi!

Baos – Asian Restaurant Gold Coast
okonomiyaki – Gold Coast Japanese Restaurant

ギョウザ okonomiyaki

this dish is why we opened oi and still the heart & soul of our menu. a casual, messy dish, originating from osaka, with a variation including noodles arising in hiroshima. very popular in japan but not so well known outside. it’s a heavier dish with lots of sauces – worth a try for the adventurous, a must for those that adore it, and maybe best skipped for those that like to eat light





what’s happening

oi izakaya - fine casual nihonese dining with a pinch of aussie cheek, two cups of winging it, a full large wine glass of class, a bucketful o’ fun, a shitzu-load of tradition, three oz of pure wizardry and a twist of sekuchi, always served in great company enj-oi!

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monday to thursday from 5:30pm
friday to sunday from 5pm
saturday + sunday Lunch 12-3pm

kitchen closes
weekdays 9pm
weekends 10 pm (subject to demand)


shops 4–6, 30 James street
burleigh heads QLD 4220

0491 738 867

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