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with over 100 whiskies on the shelf, the majority japanese, there’s something on our shelf for the seasoned whisky expert to the novice looking to try their first dram. browse our dedicated whisky menu with tasting notes to find the right one for you. see the “oi” symbol for recommendations, and if you’re stuck our helpful bar team are here to help. all whiskies served in our branded glencairn glasses to maximise appreciation of the smells + colours of your chosen drop


japanese whisky


founding house of japanese whisky

kaku premium – 14.5
honey, citrus peels, peppercorn + cinnamon

toki – 14
a blend of renowned suntory whiskies. green apple, honey peppermint, oak

old – 15
produced since 1940, this is suntory’s first ‘premium’ whisky. medium bodied, rich notes of sherry with a spicy finish

special blended reserve – 15
green apples, walnut, custard + spice to finish

chita – 17
honeydew melon, citrus, zesty finish. the main expression of suntory’s chita distillery (central japan)

royal premium – 17
whisky made to celebrate suntory’s 60th birthday. blend of whiskies from hakushu, chita + yamazaki distilleries. creamy with a hint of lemon + salty zing

world whisky AO – 30
a blend of whisky from all of the world’s major whisky producing countries – irish, scotch, american, canadian + japanese. a spicy palate with mild smoke, with notes of orange peel + banana


japan’s first whisky distillery – built in 1923 by suntory. located in shimamoto, about 60km from osaka

distillers single malt – 28
fresh fruit, cinnamon & mizunara (japanese oak)

10 yr – 185
discontinued whisky. malty + mildly spiced – drying + increasingly nutty finish

12 yr – 42
creamy & rich. orange and a touch of smoke

18 yr – 210
berry, dark chocolate, spice


another suntory disillery – built in 1973 in a forest on the slopes of a mountain, about 160km inland from tokyo

distillers single malt – 28
mint, pine, wet grass

12 yr – 42
toast, honey, malt biscuit

18 yr – 140
caramel, honey, ripened fruit


japan’s most awarded and iconic blended whisky. made from a premium blend of whiskies from the yamazaki, chita and hakushu distilleries

harmony – 28
honey, orange, wet grass

harmony masters select – 52
orange marmalade & dark chocolate

12 yr – 180
pineapple, plum and hibiscus nose; palate of banana, pomegranate and custard. complex finish

17 yr – 150
cacao, smoke, cooked fruits

21 yr – 250
world whisky awards best blended whisky 2010, 2013, 2016, 2017 + 2019 oak, dark cherry, wood spice. long finish – hint of smoke


nikka was founded in 1934 by masakata taketsuru – the father of japanese whisky. masakata travelled to scotland in 1918 to learn scotch distillation first hand – returning to japan to help build japan’s first whisky distillery (yamazaki)

from the barrel – 13
strong, but surprisingly smooth. floral and spiced

pure malt taketsuru – 15
apricot, peach & vanilla

black rich blend extra sherry – 18
prunes, dry fruit + red grapes on the palate. roasted banana, malt + salty caramel on the nose. dry + mild finish, with notes of citrus

deep blend night cruise limited edition – 19
peat smoke, rich oak + subtle spices

all malt – 20
vanilla, cocoa, orange zest + over-ripe apple

coffey malt – 20
banana, oak & chocolate

coffey grain – 20
vanilla, chamomile & melon

black special blended – 22
vanilla + dark chocolate

single malt miyagikyo – 24
caramel, lemon and cinnamon. rich and full bodied

single malt yoichi – 24
smoke, melon & almond

rare old super blended – 25
gentle peatiness with hints of vanilla + sherry

pure malt red – 30
oaky, vanilla & red fruits

nikka session world blended whisky – 30
a blend of whiskies from nikka’s yoichi + miyagikyo distilleries and Scotland’s Ben Nevis distillery. orange, apple + vanilla on the nose. smooth creamy tongue feel – bitter + peat finish

tailored – 31
sweet palate with gentle sweetness. vanilla, caramel plus cookies

rare old hihi – 40
a whisky made + distributed exclusively for the japanese market. balanced + lingering finish

12 yr – 50
butterscotch, poached pear, hint of leather and smoke

yoichi 10 yr – 130
peach, oak, nutmeg, light smoke


japan’s highest whisky distillery located in the southern island of kyushu

iwai – 14
sherry, cherry, ginger

iwai traditional blended – 16
spicy, honey, light peat & grain

3&7 – 28
grapes, sherry & honey

cosmo – 23
walnut, pear, prunes, light smoke

asagi madera 8yr – 31
fruity whisky, floral palate, notes of white pepper

cosmo wine cask finish – 30
dates, walnut, tropical fruit. black tea / tannin heavy finish

mars “lucky cat” choco – 32
part of a world whisky series blended by mars – combining japanese + scotch whiskies – a rish whisky with notes of chestnut + cinnamon spice

tsunuki peated – 38
peat, honey, barley + crispy apple

mars komagate x chichibu duo 2021 – 40
chocolate, honey, vanilla. salt + peat to finish

white oak

japan’s only whisky produced using sake-making methodologies. also uniquely aged in japanese shochu casks

akashi white oak blended – 16
apricot + dried fruit

akashi white oak single malt – 20
lemongrass + spice

akashi white oak blue blended – 24
chocolate + honey. spicy + sweet finish

akashi tokinoka blended – 16
honeyed cereal, green apple, apricot

akashi red blended – 18
balance of fruity malt, vanilla + sweet grain-cereal notes

kura white oak single malt 12 yr – 40
caramel + oak on the nose. pear + apple to finish

kuyjira ryukyu 5 yr oak virgin cask – 28
apricot & dried fruit


one of japan’s first small scale craft distilleries, located north-west of osaka in the shadow of mount daisen

totorri blended bourbon barrel – 13
cherry, cinnamon + pepper

8 yr – 24
green apple, almond, orange zest & vanilla

12 yr – 30
vanilla, toffee, sultanas & scorched wood


the kirin group founded the fuji gotemba distillery in 1972. it is located 620m above sea level on the south eastern flank of mount fuji

tarujuku 50 – 20
stewed pear & toffee apple

signature blend – 38
spicy pepper, orange peel & vanilla

18 year old small batch – 100
soy, shichimi, cinnamon & orange


japan’s smallest whisky distillery, founded by japanese whisky rockstar akuto ichiro. located 100km northwest of tokyo

ichiros malt + grain – 22
tropical fruits & lemon zest

ichiros malt mwr mizunara – 32
grass & sandalwood

ichiros malt wine wood – 32
red wine & pepper

ichiros malt 505 – 80
hints of orange peel, sliced apple, vanilla + gentle toffee


a distillery with a long history in sake and shochu production (since 1700) – located in fukushima, about 200km north of tokyo

963 malt & grain red label – 13
apricot and lemon nose, toffee & nectarine palate. strong finish

963 black label ‘smooth & peaty’ blended – 19
pear vanilla, grassy peat

963 malt & grain orange label – 17
apricot, caramel nose. sharp + spicy finish

963 8 yr blended malt whisky cask strength (59%) – 27
apricot, seat salt, spice to finish


world whisky

scotch スコッチ

monkey shoulder triple malt – 9
toasted barley, dried apricot, peppermint finish

laphroig islay 10 yr single malt – 13
smoke, seaweed, smooth dry finish

ardbeg 10 yr – 15
lemon, lime, sea salted caramel & beach bonfire smoke

bruichladdich classic laddie (50%) – 16
red apples, white grapes, honey’d barley & soft coastal notes

octomore 10.1 5 yr cask strength (59.8%) – 30
tangy mango, charred oak, dried earth, fiery peat

octomore 11.3 5 yr cask strength oak cask (61.5%) – 35
soft vanilla and apricot. smoke and savoury build. salted caramel and lemon finish

highland park 18 yr – 26
cream, thick black forest honey, espresso & citrus

lagavulin 16 yr – 17
figs, dates, peat smoke, vanilla

dalmore cigar malt – 22
cinder toffee, flamed orange zest, perfectly integrated sherry

glendronach 15 yr sherry cask – 20
blackberry, new leather, toasted brown sugar & a touch of liqourice root

glenkinchie distillers edition – 15
honey, polished wood, nutmeg, pepper

chivas regal mizunara – 15
white peach, toffee-coated pears + vanilla-rich cream

chivas regal ultis blended – 30
blend of 5 of chivas’ most highly revered scotch single malt whiskies. double gold winner at the 2020 international spirits challenge. cinnamon, fudge + honey on the nose, apricots + spicy cloves on the palate with a bold finish + hints of heather

port charlotte heavily peated single malt 10 yr (50%) – 17
nutmeg + clove on the nose, palate of lemon honey, and malted barley, fudge + banoffee pie to finish

port charlotte heavily peated single malt cask expression MRC (59.2%) – 30
toasted bread + roasted coffee beans on the nose, palate of tobacco leaf + toasted oak, spicy clove to finish

glenfarclas 15 yr – 20
rum + sherry on the nose, spicy oak taste with a coffee + vanilla finish

glenfarclas 25 yr – 45
gold winner at the 2019 international spirits challenge. sherry, gingerbread + nutty chocolate on the palate. very very long complex finish, with hints of smoke + cocoa

macallan 12 yr sherry oak – 20
ginger, dried fruits + wood smoke on the nose. sweet raisins, spice + prunes on the palate. finish of toffee + lingering spice

macallan 15 yr double cask – 35
toffee, vanilla + baked apple on the nose, vanilla, wood spice + citrus on the palate. warm finish of ginger turning to caramel + citrus, with a lingering and creamy mouth feel

irish アイルランド人

bushmills 10 yr – 9
fruit, floral with a tannic finish. winner of best irish single malt in 2007. oldest licensed distillery in the world

jameson – 12
cocao, coffee & butterscotch

jameson 18 yr – 32
deep + aromatic. rich notes of toffee, spice + mellow cherry

green spot single pot still – 15
matured in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks – apples, rock candy vanilla & spice

red breast 12 yr cask strength – 23
winner of the world whisky trophy in 2019. marshmallow, nougat, banana bread & a hint of toasted coconut

red breast 15 yr cask strength – 35
stone fruit + cracked pepper. barley + toasted wood

american アメリカ人

makers mark – 10
butterscotch, vanilla + dry oak spice

makers mark 46 bourbon – 11
toffee, thick caramel, cream, mulled wine spices

elijah craig small batch – 15
baked apple, cinnamon, fresh honey, charred oak

jack daniels – 10
woody, fruity undertone, caramel, vanilla

jim beam bourbon – 11
vanilla, cut hay, toasty oak & acetone note

jim beam rye – 11
harsh palate, spicey grain and strong oak

australian オーストラリア人

nant single malt port cask – 20
biscuity malt, lamington, dried cranberries, faint red berries

23rd street limited edition single malt – 24
floral, dried fig, citrus peal, buttery finish

archie rose rye malt – 18
multi-awarded world’s best rye whisky. notes of pickle,  honey, wood. buttery, balanced finish

gospel straight rye whiskey (45%) – 14
light toffee, pepper + green apple with spice to finish

starward tawny – 20
think christmas – spiced cooked plum, dried fruit and citrus dry & spicy finish

sullivans cove american oak single cash – 48
mutiple award winning single malt whisky. vanilla, caramel, stone fruit + powerful oak

lark distillery rare mizunara cask – 90
single malt aged in japanese mizunara oak – one of the rarest + most expensive oaks in the world. limited production of only 845 bottles ever produced. notes of bright toasted oak, cherry, apple pie, coconut, lychee, guava, pear + fresh apples

taiwan 台湾

kavalan classic single malt – 20
stewed pear, cocoa + vanilla, with notes of peat to finish

kavalan ex-bourbon cask strength single malt (58.6%) – 30
vanilla, raisin, spice, citrus – long finish

kavalan oloroso sherry cask strength single malt (58.6%) – 34
coffee liqueur, cedar, teriyaki jerky


whisky flights

half measures (15mls) of each whisky/ey below

hibiki-stack - 150
hibiki harmony
hibiki 12 yr
hibiki 17 yr

yamazaki - 175
yamazaki distillers
yamazaki 12 yr
yamazaki 18 yr

nikka - 50
from the barrel

fully-aussie - 60
nant single malt port cask
sullivans cove american oak single cask
archie rose rye malt

irish - 50
jameson 18 yr
redbreast 15 yr
green spot

scotch - 42
highland park 18 yr
lagavulin 16 yr
ardbeg 10 yr

new whisky/ey

if your favourite whisky/ey is missing from our list our menu is ever-expanding and here to make our customers happy - next time you come you might find it on our shelf

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